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4 min read · 16.07.2020

Dos and Don'ts: 6 tips for introducing your own employee app

Are you tired of not reaching your employees? Here's how to turn your internal communication into a successful project. ▶ Read now


Head of Growth

Are you tired of not reaching your employees? Your staff is frustrated because they always learn about important decisions much too late? After extensive quality checks and competitive comparisons, internal agreements, and negotiations, the eagerly awaited new employee app is finally being introduced. The best part? At last, there is company information up to production & the whole thing is DSGVO and works council compliant on the private device.

Not all open questions have been clarified for a long time yet. How do I make sure that all my employees accept and adopt the new communication tool? How do I make the mission of mobile communication a successful project? We have summarized the biggest dos and don'ts for you:

Do: Give every employee a voice 📣

First of all: an employee app is a great thing and the introduction of such an application shows the high esteem you have for your staff. This is what makes a good employer! Whoever feels heard and has a voice in the company works more motivated, more effectively, more efficiently, and thus contributes directly to the success of the company. From the office to production, logistics, the hospital, and the field. Your employees will thank you for it. 

Do: Catch them if you can 🥅

Modern employers know: Communication is the key to success - employee commitment is on everyone's lips. Employee apps have been proven to increase employee satisfaction and thus the feeling of belonging to the company. 

In order to make the launch of the app as successful as possible, targeted onboarding campaigns should be run before the start of the new application. Place QR codes in the canteen or production halls that make it easier to download the new tool. Distribute branded goodies that refer to the new digital presence or organize competitions IN the app that encourage people to join the platform. 

The tool must not mean any additional effort. So what better way than to make the employee app the central hub for time-consuming topics such as holiday applications, sick leave, or time recording? With the right incentives, you will soon achieve high user rates and significantly increase your company's success.

Do: Content, content, content 💡

Stay focused: Avoid long and meaningless texts. Include images, videos, GIFs, and other exciting file formats in your posts and on the news feed and write short & crisp texts. Following the motto "content is key", the planning of your app content should be right. If added value and high information content are recognizable, your staff will quickly become fans of the company's mobile endpoint. 

💥By the way: A good content plan doesn't just emerge overnight - so you should allow sufficient time for preparation.

Do: Increase employee engagement 💪

The content planning is done, your employees use the app and communicate with each other diligently? Fantastic. But beware: the appeal of the new can quickly evaporate. It's important not only to keep the workforce informed but to include them in the company's activities. With functionalities such as the comment or like function, a positive feedback culture in the company is not only promoted but actively demanded. Other ways to increase employee engagement include surveys on employee satisfaction and the sending of appointments for easier planning of daily routines. In an app, your employees can find all the functions that are relevant to them. This is how you really make his or her life easier. 

Don't: Just throw it at them ❌

The certainly worst and least target-oriented way to introduce an employee app is the variant "Throw it in". As with every new tool and every software introduction, an app for the entire workforce requires careful maintenance, support, and a little love.

Are you still writing or already working? 🏋🏼

The introduction of an employee app requires trust in your workforce that this tool is not used for mere pastime. Therefore, stay in touch with your employees in real life. The app does not serve to control but to promote goal-oriented, satisfactory cooperation for the entire workforce. You still have a little stomach ache that the chat might distract the employees? Communicating appropriate rules for using the app will help you more than mistrust. Do not forget: 

Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast!


Head of Growth

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