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3 min read · 29.05.2020

Why excellent communication should be a top priority

The last 10 days marked a new phase since the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in early January. Corona officially “arrived” in Europe leaving behind a stray of chaos in both the private as well as the public sector.


Head of Growth

The last 10 days marked a new phase since the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in early January. Corona officially “arrived” in Europe leaving behind a stray of chaos in both the private as well as the public sector. Containment strategies range from “flatten-the-curve” (or “squash the sombrero”) to the infamous “herd immunity”. Whilst all of this is more tragic than anything else, one thing became crystal clear in these chaotic times, communication is key.

Communication is Key 


Within one week of WHO announcing Covid-19 a “pandemic” on March 12th, life as we know it came to a halt. As governments and municipalities implemented sweeping restrictions and regulations, businesses face the challenge of how to change their day to day operations whilst also planning for the long term impact…

Covid-19 does not favor any industry or organization, no matter how large or small. The combination of public fear and new government regulations has seen suffering from aviation conglomerates to the smallest Après Ski Chalet. From the most popular OEM to the 100-employees-family business in rural Bavaria. From the largest gastronomies to the family-run ride exhibitor at the local Volksfest. They all have to deal with an omnipresent state of uncertainty in this situation, further driven by a lack of sufficient information.

The most obvious solution is to implement working from home initiatives, but this creates communication issues at a time when it is of utmost importance. Tools like WhatsApp and Facebook are great to communicate with friends and family and to stay in touch with each other. However, they do not serve two important processes. How do we quickly share top-down information to our entire workforce and keep communication fluid across all aspects of our businesses? We must find a way to enable business owners to continually make informed decisions whilst also being able to inform their employees without compromising data security and privacy.

5 Communication-Success-Factors 💪

  • Speed 🚀New and changing regulations create an ever changing environment for your employees. To enable them to make informed decisions in this unstable time, we must ensure that information can be distributed fast, efficiently and effectively across your entire organisation.
  • Factfulness 📝: Employees want to get accurate, true and reliable information about what’s to come and what to expect businesswise. They should be getting this from you instead of out of the news. Be your employees’ trusted source of important information.
  • Flexibility 🖇Ensure you have the ability to adapt quickly and give your employees what they require to do so. Working from home needs different toolsets than working in the office.
  • Inclusion 🗣: Keep your employees included within your business information network. It not only shows they are valued but increases motivation.
  • Comfort 🧸: Many employees are wondering what’s going to happen next. Assure them by answering their questions and supporting them if they need help. Your employees need to feel safe and secure in these troubling times.


How to communicate? 


Having the right tools and plans at hand to navigate is crucial. Thorough planning and communication are necessary, especially when your organization is geographically dispersed and you are heavily dependent on third parties. How are you going to accomplish this whilst including every individual in your workforce, even those without desktops?

A platform that makes communication simple, fast and reliable through a safe medium for your organization. That is Flip.


And now? 


Stay home! Let’s work together to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and help protect those who cannot protect themselves… Stay interconnected with your colleagues, friends and family — distantly close.



Head of Growth

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