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Frequently Asked Questions

General Info & Functionality

What features does Flip offer me?

Flip serves as a platform for your entire internal communication. It offers a Newsfeed, Chat and Employee Directory as well as the integration of your processes, such as HR tools. You can extend Flip with add-ons such as a video call tool, a calendar or various survey tool. Flip enables top-down communication within seconds and connects all your employees - whether in the office, on the desktop or on the road with a smartphone.

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Can Flip be adapted and personalized?

Flip is customizable to your corporate design, i.e. name of the app, app icons, colors, logo and fonts can be personalized according to the company branding.

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Why not use public messaging tools?

Unlike public communication tools, Flip is GDPR and works council compliant. We also see the mobile-first app as an ideal complement to other tools and can offer you the mobile endpoint for your intranet.

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What is the pricing model of Flip?

Flip is priced per user and month. For a detailed indication of the costs please contact our team.

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Technical data

Which file formats/types can be exchanged with Flip?

Basically all file formats can be sent and received.

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What languages can be used in Flip?

Flip is multilingual and can be used in any language.

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Can I host Flip myself?

Yes, we also offer Flip as an on-premise solution.

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Which operating systems are supported?

Flip is available for all common operating systems.

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Where are the servers of Flip?

We host exclusively on ISO certified servers in Germany.

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Structure & Organization

How to register?

Access to the employee portal is via a login by e-mail address, user name or personnel/employee number. The passwords are only stored hashed in the database, which means that the original password cannot be read from the system, not even by a system administrator.

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What roles are there in the app?

The company app has a role-based and granularly customizable rights system that can be set individually for the person, group and system level.

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Can I include external users?

Yes, users who do not belong to the company can also be integrated.

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How does the Flip team support introduction?

We create and accompany workshops with your project managers (IT/internal communication/HR). From the determination of your requirements to the placement in the internal media world, through to onboarding models, and the introduction of administrators and users.

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What supporting information will I receive in addition to the app?

You will receive introductory videos, guides and creative solutions such as posters and merchandise to promote your new employee app.

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Not all our employees have a company phone. Can they still use Flip?

Yes, Flip is also suitable for use on your employees' private smartphones and can therefore be used as a "Bring your own Device" (BYOD) solution. Flip also runs on all mobile devices (Smartphone, Smartwatch and Tablet) as well as on the desktop computer. By encrypting the data and hosting it on European servers, GDPR conformity remains unaffected.

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