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Flip - Social People
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Ready, Set, Go! Flip is completely operational within just 24 hours.

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Share company news, publications, updates, surveys, meetings and much more with all your employees. Send videos or images in the Newsfeed channel that's accessible to all employees - encourage motivation and engagement.

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The Chat feature allows communication across various teams, departments, and individuals. All file formats can be sent via the App. Due to an overview of all chats and groups, you'll never get lost in a jungle of messages.

Employee Directory

What was the name of the new colleague? Have a complete view of who works in the company with the Employee Directory. Roles, Responsibilities and Contact Information is clearly displayed for each individual helping the business and employee understand the different skills and knowledge base made available across the company.

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Everything is possible - we make your intranet mobile. Integrate existing processes from your IT landscape and the HR suite into the platform.

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Existing IT systems

Simply dock with Flip to already running IT systems and tools like Microsoft 365, SharePoint, your intranet or HR suite.

HR Suite

Manage shift schedules, internal training, vacation and sick leave, travel management, and payroll – all in one platform.

Calendar & Survey Tools

Run polls, surveys, appointments, meetings and events simply and efficiently - available on all devices and clearly arranged for you.

Onboarding - Starting with Flip


Within a workshop we develop a concept to adapt Flip exactly to your company structure and needs.


In 24 hours we take care of setting up your customized Flip system which includes the full integration of your company's branding.


Flip is optimally developed to suit your company and is now ready for implementation in your existing IT landscape.

Personal support

Our fast and friendly support is available to you at any time by email, phone or in your chat.

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"At the beginning we were wondering whether the new tool would really be accepted. But the handling is so intuitive and simple that Flip was used immediately."

Katarina Busam

Teamleader trainees and students

"With one click, we can reach all employees at our various locations throughout Europe at the same time."

Mark Bauder

Managing Director of Production

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