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Gdpr & Security

We care about security

Data security is essential in a company. Private messengers like Facebook or WhatsApp cannot meet the requirements. We raise the standard and offer the most secure way to communicate internally.

GDPR compliant

Flip encrypts data according to the European basic data protection regulation.


Bring your own device – Flip is designed so that employees can also be reached securely via their private smartphone.


We host all data on servers in Germany - the highest security requirements are insured.

Flip - Bubbles
Flip - Bubbles
Flip - Bubbles
Flip - Bubbles

Better safe than sorry


Access your Flip account via a login, which is secured through industry standards. The passwords are only stored hashed in the database, so the original password cannot be read out of the system, not even by a system administrator.


Your Flip account is securely hosted by us in a German Telekom data center with ISO-27001 certification or in a data center in Germany with the same security regulations.

Data Protection

With Flip, all messages are stored exclusively encrypted in the database. The system data is stored in a database protected by external login and is only accessible locally. This means that the data cannot be accessed directly via the server. Our hosting complies with the European data protection regulations. Alternatively, you can also host Flip on-premise on your own servers. In either case the data obtained belongs to your company and will not be evaluated by Flip in any way.

User System

A role-based user system was developed for Flip. This limits the access and rights of users and maintains security and rights within the systems.

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