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How did Flip improve the cooperation between field and office staff? What are the advantages for construction companies?

Udo Waibel

Managing Director

"At the beginning we were wondering whether the new tool would really be accepted. But the handling is so intuitive and simple that Flip was used immediately."

Katarina Busam

Teamleader trainees and students

"The Flip team were always on hand to help us with our introduction and made a quick and carefree start possible."

Christina Bäuerle

Chairwoman Youth & Trainee council, Porsche AG

"Before we used Flip, our internal communication was quite complicated: countless messages ended up in our inboxes and got lost between external emails."

Daniel Schermesser

Instructor and trainer employees

"With Flip, we succeeded within a short time in integrating a tool with which all employees can exchange information regardless of location."

Marvin Weber

Communication & Event Management

"Flip gives us the opportunity to communicate with all our students and trainees at short notice and without complications via all mobile devices."

Lennart Jahn

Speaker training and further education

"Communication via Flip is modern and fun - and joy should always be part of the daily work routine."

Michael Hess

Head of Human Resources Development

"Flip has enabled us to achieve better and faster communication within the team and most importantly: Flip guarantees data security."

Marvin Marzinke

Sales Management

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