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Communication tool for agile work processes

The BKK Mobil Oil Betriebskrankenkasse employs around 1700 people at several locations in Germany. The company's trainees and students usually work flexibly without a fixed workplace and at different locations. The integration of a location-independent communication tool that can be used on mobile devices was therefore particularly important. Previously, some employees had hardly any opportunity to contact each other internally, so that internally often anonymity prevailed among employees. With Flip, BKK is now able to achieve data-secure, quickly implementable and simple communication. Especially the youngest employees are now networked with each other and use the employee app as a platform to exchange information on various topics.


Our results guide everything

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Location-independent communication

Contact establishment between employees

GDPR conform communication and data protection

Simple and fast operation


Flip is installed on all mobile devices

Better exchange among each other and less anonymity in the company

Coordination with students & trainees is possible regardless of location

About BKK Mobil Oil

The BKK Mobil Oil Betriebskrankenkasse has several locations in Germany with about 1700 employees. Despite its traditional history and its more than 60 years of existence, BKK Mobil Oil positions itself as a young, modern health insurance company, which has always been committed to the promotion of the youngest employees.

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„On the one hand, Flip gives us the opportunity to communicate with all our students and trainees at short notice and in an uncomplicated way via all mobile devices. On the other hand, we are also creating a communication platform for our youngest employees that complies with data protection laws for smooth coordination between them.“

Lennart Jahn

Speaker training and further education

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"With Flip, communication between employees in the office and in the field works because information and images can be sent easily and quickly."

Udo Waibel

Managing Director

"With Flip, we succeeded within a short time in integrating a tool with which all employees can exchange information regardless of location."

Marvin Weber

Communication & Event Management

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