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Case Study

Limitless communication even on the construction site

The company TECTUM is active in the building industry and is specialized in plumbing and waterproofing of buildings. As the employees work in the office as well as in the field, the communication and the fast exchange of pictures with the latest information about the construction site is very important. But until now, a smooth exchange between office and construction site was not possible due to a lack of communication tools.

Since the integration of Flip in April 2020, the communication between office staff and construction site staff has improved. Through the networking of all areas, especially employees on construction sites can benefit, who have to face unexpected challenges and questions. Photos can now easily be sent to the respective specialist group in accordance with data protection regulations and thereby discuss a solution. An effective exchange of information can thus always be guaranteed.


Our results guide everything

Flip - Social Bubble


Simplification of communication on construction sites 

Personalization and adaptation to the corporate design

GDPR compliant communication tool


An effective flow of information was created by Flip

The networking among each other on a company basis has been improved

Challenges on the construction site are communicated faster between field and office staff


The TECTUM GmbH is a plumbing and building sealing company in Hohenems, Austria. After the foundation in 2006, it currently employs ca. 50 people and is active in Vorarlberg and surroundings. The building sealers are the contact persons for the most difficult sealings and always find a suitable solution. All materials and products are tested, installed and laid in advance by trained employees professionally and expertly. Besides tinsmithing, TECTUM has specialized in waterproofing of buildings and was the first company in Vorarlberg to be awarded the seal of approval "Diplomierter Flachdach und Bauwerksabdichter IFB QS" in 2020.

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"Internal communication is very important and must function smoothly at all times. In everyday construction site life, this is sometimes not so easy, but it is precisely here that a good flow of information is needed to react and act quickly. With Flip, communication between employees in the office and in the field works because information and images can be sent easily and quickly. Challenges on the construction site can now also be mastered better and we can find a quick solution together. Flip is the perfect tool for our needs".

Udo Waibel

Managing Director

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Flip - Social Bubble

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