Flip was awarded as Digital Champion



Flip was awarded as Digital Champion

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Case Study

Faster coordination and higher contact rate

Internal communication is a high priority at Volksbank Mönchengladbach - especially in times of remote work, it is crucial to ensure fast and transparent employee exchange. With Flip, it‘s possible to easily coordinate the training area. The employee app is now the only tool that is used internally for communication with trainees and students and meets all data security requirements. Before, a simple and fast exchange was hardly possible. Through Flip, trainees and the responsible contact person can now communicate without a hitch and irrespective of location, especially during vocational school phases.


Our results guide everything

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Fast exchange & high transparency


Removing system barriers

Higher contact rate of the employees


Flip is used as the only internal communication tool and convinces with its clear and uncomplicated handling

The modern tool makes communication fun

Flip is a reliable source of information and supports the exchange of news

About Volksbank Mönchengladbach

As a regional cooperative bank we feel committed to the region and the people living in it. Our goal is to promote our members and customers. As a fair partner of the regional economy and as modern cooperative, we are interested in long-term economic success and are open to new ideas such as offer innovative services.

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"Before we used Flip, our internal communication was quite complicated: countless messages ended up in our mailbox and got lost between external emails. By now we communicate internally exclusively via Flip for coordinating the training sector. The familiarization phase was very quick, and now all the employees involved are enthusiastic and can no longer imagine a communication without Flip."

Daniel Schermesser

Instructor and trainer employees

Flip - Social Bubble
Flip - Social Bubble

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"With Flip, we succeeded within a short time in integrating a tool with which all employees can exchange information regardless of location."

Marvin Weber

Communication & Event Management

"With one click, we can reach all employees at our various locations throughout Europe at the same time."

Mark Bauder

Managing Director of Production

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